Thursday, July 8, 2010


DO we really educate people anymore beside just the basics? Our education system is now designed to get people to past a test and prepare to get a job and be a slave the rest of their lives instead of enhancing their knowledge and have them think for them selves.

Yes teaching the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic at an early age is very much still important but as a student advances we must maintain that they are given a broad education in the liberal arts.

The GREAT BOOKS OF THE WESTERN WORLD are a great place to start – however one must be prepared to think.

READING – and I don’t mean just the internet. BOOKS are the best form of educating ones self – nobody reads anymore.

To learn how to write correctly and communicate with our fellow man takes indeed an intense reading of a variety of subjects to enhanced one’s mind.

Take the time to teach your kids to read – read more yourself and expand your mind in order to try and make a difference in a world that is forever changing.


You can listen to the radio – read articles on the internet


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