Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do We Really Communicate

It is a lost skill. In a world with all this high tech communication gadgets and devices and what not; we have lost the time, morals, and etiquette to properly deal with people in a civil manner.

We simply forget how to talk to people. We use cell phones in the most inappropriate places where conversations should be a bit more discreet or just rudely displayed with no thought for the people around us.

Texting! What’s that all about? Lolbrb and all the others symbols of a not so highly evolved people who have simply complied with the masses.

What happened to a simple letter, a thank you note that is actually sincere? No – we take the easy way out and blurt out a nonsense email and feel we have accomplished some great feat.

We are so involved with keeping ourselves amused that we forgot what is really important on how to go about conveying those feelings. Our education system is so messed up we don’t even bother to teach about the proper ways to speak with each other. Too busy trying to teach people how to pass a test rather than how to have the skills it takes to convey anything with any real meaning.

Alas! The world is evolving; people are moving forward, backward and all points in between ---


You can say it – you can play it –

Or --- you can simply read it --- ON

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