Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just A Thought -- You Decide

You wake up in the morning
And you go outside
Try to breathe the air
But it’s too smoky
To survive

You’re parched, and you’re thirsty
And you need a little drink
But the water is so polluted
That you can’t even think

Your stomach growls
You’re hungry
But the food
Taste just so bad

Too many chemicals
In our life
To try and survive

The products that we use
To try and make us safe
Are far too incomplete
That is really just a waste

The good Lord
Gave you something
But you just don’t’ understand

That you gotta have your mojo
So you do all that you can

And when the afternoon comes
And you’re in the same ol place
Who care about the colors
Who cares about the race

The evening comes
You’re sorry about the things you
Did that day

You ask the lord to forgive ya
And you try and change your ways

But the world just keeps on turning
And you try and make your way
To a place of personal safety
And a place where you can stay

There is a place in heaven
But you die before you go
So you better have some seeds
For your personal safety do you sow

You can buy a lot of products
For yourself
And for your kin
But when it comes a time
For atoning
They call your markers in

So don’t you get caught up
In the money grabbers way
Just try and read on up
About the proper way to pray

And if you ever worry about
The very simple life you live
Just remember everybody
Has got something to give

You can’t preach the word
For those who have no ears
But you can show and tell them
How they need to live

The media try’s and tell us
Just how the world should be
But just open up your eyes
And the word will make you free

We don’t care about the products
And how they make you feel
Just give us some loving
And that will turn our wheels

They say it’s a free society
but all they do is make us pay
It’s all for your personal safety
They say it is the way

To do unto others
As they would do unto you
It’s not what you say
But it is the golden rule

So have a bit of fun
In the things that you do

And hope the stars above ya
Don’t drop it down
On you

We don’t care about no
Religion we don’t care
About the sin

We just keep on a living
It’s the world that we are in

Don’t want to hear about your problems
Gotta a bit more than we can spare
Just gotta hear the solution
We are people down on here

So we just keep on
A living
Got nothing else to do
But if the world keeps
On a turning then the Lord
Will have something to do!

Are we really safe?

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Greatest Book


It has been quite some time since I have last wrote anything worth reading, but as I have reviewed my last post, I have discovered that I left off the most important book in the world that should be read and re-read until the end of time.

That book being ----

The Holy Bible

There just is not any substance or existence in this life without God, and without the word of God, life has no meaning

So as you go along and educate yourself and your children –

Introduce them to the most famous book in the world!

As you read and study, you will come to the conclusion that –

Jesus Is Lord !

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But you should read about it in the Holy Bible!

Til another time


Thursday, July 8, 2010


DO we really educate people anymore beside just the basics? Our education system is now designed to get people to past a test and prepare to get a job and be a slave the rest of their lives instead of enhancing their knowledge and have them think for them selves.

Yes teaching the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic at an early age is very much still important but as a student advances we must maintain that they are given a broad education in the liberal arts.

The GREAT BOOKS OF THE WESTERN WORLD are a great place to start – however one must be prepared to think.

READING – and I don’t mean just the internet. BOOKS are the best form of educating ones self – nobody reads anymore.

To learn how to write correctly and communicate with our fellow man takes indeed an intense reading of a variety of subjects to enhanced one’s mind.

Take the time to teach your kids to read – read more yourself and expand your mind in order to try and make a difference in a world that is forever changing.


You can listen to the radio – read articles on the internet


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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do We Really Communicate

It is a lost skill. In a world with all this high tech communication gadgets and devices and what not; we have lost the time, morals, and etiquette to properly deal with people in a civil manner.

We simply forget how to talk to people. We use cell phones in the most inappropriate places where conversations should be a bit more discreet or just rudely displayed with no thought for the people around us.

Texting! What’s that all about? Lolbrb and all the others symbols of a not so highly evolved people who have simply complied with the masses.

What happened to a simple letter, a thank you note that is actually sincere? No – we take the easy way out and blurt out a nonsense email and feel we have accomplished some great feat.

We are so involved with keeping ourselves amused that we forgot what is really important on how to go about conveying those feelings. Our education system is so messed up we don’t even bother to teach about the proper ways to speak with each other. Too busy trying to teach people how to pass a test rather than how to have the skills it takes to convey anything with any real meaning.

Alas! The world is evolving; people are moving forward, backward and all points in between ---


You can say it – you can play it –

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What It's All About

Life and the process there of is quite a varied thing. It will lead to more questions than answers but can be an interesting road.

While impossible to get all my songs, stories and such published - as I go about finishing my first novel;  hoping to publish sometime in the next year, I was encourage to share some of my insights and thoughts on a varied of subjects that I'm sure will cause somewhat of a stir.

Thinking and writing sometimes Do not mixed well however the journey perhaps could be interesting.

ZZ TOP - the rock & roll band once said "You heard it on the X"

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